bigpp shit

If you failed to succeed, its because you didn't consider all the information. If you failed because of something you weren't ready for, it's because you didn't consider that you should have been ready for that. If you take a chance and you fail, then you should have known the chances before hand, and you know that the responsibility is yours to own the results of your decisions. So why would you blame it on your teammate? Small pp.

Big PP isn't an org, it's a movement. It's an ideology. Ascension through awareness. The more you experience, the more you become aware. The more aware you are, the more information you are considering. We call this a bigger picture perspective.


All fear comes from the unknown.Β  Knowing this, you should push on, head first into the unknown, outside your comfort zone, and increase your masteries.

As above, so below. Strong mind, strong body. Big brain, big pp.