small pp?

In today's world, it seems the highest priority for many people is to protect their delusions, instead of truly putting their claims to the test. My teammate "rubnthug" asked me once if I really thought I had what it takes to go pro in CS. Naturally, I said yes. And so, I must keep my word. I have not given up in this goal, though it did turn out to be a much more difficult task than I thought.
As I started on strategizing the process of building a team, the strategy in game, the skill of coaching, the longterm validity of time investment, etc. I would keep returning to the realization that the correct solution was always the hardest to execute, the one that required more patience, more commitment, more investment.
When I started building a team, I already had been in the gym for at least 2 years and had a good understanding of work ethic and trusting the process. I've found that the process of growth in the gym is the same process to achieve any goal. If you want to get gains, you need to push past your limits, go outside your comfort zone.
Make a play.
unless you have a small pp?