ICW legacy



**Do I see W's because I make BIGqpPLAYS -- or do I make BIGqpPLAYS because I see W's?**



If you're here, you’re probably a fan of BIGqpPLAYS. I am hoping you will help me make the biggest play I’ve made yet, and I will remember and appreciate your support.

Can you see the W here?

I SEE Ws: The Impact Control Wheel (ICW) is literally the next evolution in suspension systems.  It is patented.  It is real, tangible.  We are currently talking to more people in the industry every day, with great interest.  I intend to re-invest a lot of the money I make from this into BIGqpPLAYS brand, and the community that supports it.  The process is slow though, and I ain't gettin any younger.  

My dad has always told me how gaming is a waste of time.  I aim to prove him wrong by using crowdfunding from my fellow gamers to ensure success with this brand.
Fortune favors the one making


Pro gamer.  Inventor.  Raqper.

This is hustle, baby.

Real Entrepreneur type beat. 




Do you?


An Overtime Play

$10k in the game

Due to the realness, I can’t really respect doing business with someone who won’t show some significant commitment.  I’m straight quasimodo’d up right now with all the shit I’ve been doing on the computer to lay this out properly so I can start really focusing on the GAMERING again.

-The Sigma Dragon